The Italian toasted peeled hazelnuts for sale on Shop Baldaiassa

The roasted peeled hazelnuts for sale on Shop Baldaiassa are hazelnuts belonging exclusively to the Tonda Gentile Trilobata variety (origin: ITALY - Piedmont), selected and toasted by hand with a medium toasting degree, which gives the fruit its unmistakable balanced but intense and enveloping aroma. The Italian roasted hazelnuts of this variety, as well as for their sweet taste and the characteristic aroma, are famous all over the world for their easy peeling and for this they are considered precious hazelnuts.

After shelling hazelnuts are calibrated so as to divide them according to their diameter, making the roasting process more homogeneous. However, before being toasted, they are further selected by hand sorting, which allows to eliminate non-compliant fruits and remove any shell residues.

Toasted daily in small batches and with a medium degree of roasting, they are subsequently subjected to skinning, in order to obtain roasted and peeled hazelnuts ready for sale.

To preserve their crunchiness and keep their aroma unchanged over time, they are vacuum-packed in food bags within 24 hours of roasting and then put on sale.

Italian toasted peeled hazelnuts with a different price per kg depending on the format

On Shop Baldaiassa you can buy vacuum-packed roasted and peeled hazelnuts in two different formats: the 1 kg sachet and the 250 g sachet which is very practical for snacks outside the home, as it has a freshness-saving zip closure.

Even if they are packaged in different sizes, roasted hazelnuts on sale on Shop Baldaiassa are all of the same variety with the same characteristics, only the price per kg changes, cheaper in the 1kg format thanks to the lower incidence of packaging costs.

Toasted hazelnuts, lots of energy in sweet and savory recipes

Roasted hazelnuts are often used in chopped hazelnuts, flour or reduced to paste for the preparation of both sweet and savory recipes. Thanks to their large intake of calories to the body they are ideal consumed in the morning for breakfast or as a very satiating snack during the day.

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