Jams, marmalades and fruit jellies are probably one of the oldest methods for preserving fresh fruit.

From uncertain origins, the preparation of jams and marmalades, has been handed down over the centuries, has crossed different civilizations passing from the Greeks to the Romans to the Middle Ages.

The spread of jams and marmalades for domestic use began in the 18th century, but it will still take about two hundred years to talk about production on an industrial scale, which has become so important today as to be regulated by the 2001/113 / EC COUNCIL Directive of December 20, 2001.

Our jams, marmalades and jellies are produced by hand from fresh fruit washed and carefully selected, to which is added a small amount of raw cane sugar, lemon juice and pectin obtained from citrus peels (it required by the recipe); a quick cooking process follows in order to better preserve the characteristics of the fruit and then jars are filled.

We have chosen to produce jams, preserves, marmalades and jellies inspired by tradition, closely linked to the territory, selecting the most representative ones in the panorama of Piedmontese gastronomic specialties.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items