Italian almonds grown in Sicily for sale on Shop Baldaiassa

The Almonds for sale on Shop Baldaiassa are exclusively of the Pizzuta d'Avola variety (origin: ITALY - Sicily), they are almonds with a flattened shape and with a typical tip, from which the appellative "pizzuta", which in Sicilian dialect means pointed. They have always been considered the best Italian almonds for their intense and characteristic aroma.

The almonds of the Pizzuta d'Avola variety have always been appreciated by master pastry chefs and chocolatiers from all over the world for their flattened shape and for their characteristic aroma; for this reason they are highly sought after for the production of sugared almonds and in general used in all sweet products to enhance their aromas and flavors.

The almonds for sale on Shop Baldaiassa are always fresh as their processing and packaging is done daily on small batches, so as to guarantee their freshness and preserve their characteristic aroma.

The almonds are first shelled, calibrated and then manually selected, after which they are packaged raw without the need for further processing steps.

On Shop Baldaiassa it is possible to buy raw shelled Pizzuta d'Avola almonds in vacuum-packed food sachets in the sizes of 1 kg and 250 g; the 250 g one is very appreciated for the presence of the freshness-saving zip closure, which makes it very practical as a snack even outside the home.

The Vitamin E and the many benefits of almonds

All nuts in general are rich in vitamins, but almonds are those that absolutely contain the greatest quantity of fat-soluble ones of group E, known for their antioxidant capacity: precious help for the human body against the negative action of free radicals. They are also very rich in potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc as well as providing significant amounts of dietary fiber.

Almonds for about 50% of their weight are made up of fats and among these the most present are the unsaturated ones, also known as "good" fats, which have the ability to lower bad cholesterol. They have great satiating power and are an extraordinary and extremely healthy snack.

The almond, the queen of desserts and typical Sicilian recipes

Although almonds are the main ingredient of many traditional Sicilian desserts such as almond paste, martorana fruit and many others, if used with skill they can also be used in cooking recipes. One of the traditional dishes of Sicily is in fact the pesto called "Sicilian", which even if prepared with different recipes depending on the location, always requires almonds as an essential ingredient.

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