The best fresh Italian Walnuts Lara for sale on Shop Baldaiassa

The fresh walnuts for sale on Shop Baldaiassa are exclusively of the Lara variety (origin: ITALY), they are walnuts with a fleshy kernel of a light, slightly amber colour, highly appreciated for their sweetness and delicacy of taste. After shelling, from these best Italian walnuts only quarters of a kernel are normally obtained due to the internal membrane rotated 90° on the shell.

The walnuts for sale on Shop Baldaiassa are always fresh as their processing and packaging is done daily on small batches, so as to guarantee their freshness and preserve their delicate taste. On Shop Baldaiassa you can buy fresh raw shelled Lara walnuts in vacuum-packed food sachets in the sizes of 1 kg and 200 g; the 200 g one is very appreciated for the presence of the freshness-saving zip closure, which makes it very practical as a snack even outside the home.

Are fresh walnuts good for you? Do walnuts make you fat? How many walnuts a day?

Often, before buying and consuming fresh walnuts, it is evaluated if they are good for us, if they make us fat, how many walnuts we can eat per day or if they have contraindications. No response will be absolutely correct, the answer is very subjective and can vary according to the quantities consumed per day compared to one’s diet, one's health conditions or even the presence of allergies.

The generous presence of unsaturated fats, among which Alpha Linoleic Acid (Omega 3) characterizes walnuts, contributes to the lowering of bad cholesterol with a protective action of the heart, brain and vascular system in general; virtue found, as known for many years, in other types of nuts: hazelnuts, almonds etc... From this point of view, it can be assumed that walnuts are good for you.

Their richness in fats makes them very caloric, so if consumed in combination with a very rich diet they will bring reserves that if not used, perhaps due to sedentary work or the absence of sporting activity, will be accumulated and will inevitably compete negatively on our weight.

The recommendation for the daily consumption of nuts is about 30/40 g of shelled product per day: the same indication is given for walnuts, eating them in the morning in addition to breakfast or throughout the day as a snack. In any case it is always recommended to have a diet as varied as possible, being followed where necessary by a professional.

Fresh walnuts in sweet and savoury recipes of Italian cuisine

The fresh Lara walnuts, one of the best Italian walnuts, for sale on Shop Baldaiassa, thanks to their sweet and delicate taste, perfectly match the sweet and savoury recipes of the typical traditional cuisine. Among the most famous dishes of Italian regional cuisine, the Ligurian walnut sauce certainly deserves a special mention, where walnuts are the key ingredient for its success: they must not be bitter and above all very fresh! It is a sauce used as a condiment for a stuffed pasta typical of Liguria ... the "Pansoti with walnut sauce" precisely: walnuts, bread soaked in milk, parmesan, garlic and a pinch of marjoram are reduced in an enveloping sauce.

Like most of the nuts, also the fresh walnuts can be ground into flour, maybe mixing them with hazelnuts and almonds and used in place of the bread for "panures" of fish or meat. In sweet cakes they give an extraordinary aroma: it is sufficient to replace them with a small part of flour to have a surprising result.

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