The Piedmontese bagna cauda ready in a jar for sale on Shop Baldaiassa

The Bagna Cauda ready in a jar for sale on Shop Baldaiassa, is the most famous and appreciated among the Italian food specialties from Piedmont, the undisputed symbol of the Piedmontese, queen of typical regional products.

The Bagna Cauda, hot sauce in the Piedmontese dialect, is a sauce made with garlic, anchovies and oil, which is generally consumed hot in the coldest periods, dipping raw or cooked vegetables. Many connoisseurs also consume it cold as a summer pinzimonio.

The Bagna Cauda is traditionally served in the classic "föjòt", a glazed terracotta pot, equipped at its base with a small stove for inserting a candle, originally they were embers of embers, essential to keep the "Bagna" warm and give the guest a great scenic effect.

A food specialty with humble origins, Bagna Cauda was an exclusive dish of peasants in the Piedmont countryside. Only later, in the nineteenth century, began its true diffusion and popularity, so as to celebrate it today as the queen of typical products from Piedmont, already included in the list of Traditional Italian Agri-food Products from Piedmont.

The "rite" of Bagna Cauda has always been synonymous with conviviality and celebration: its preparation was in fact inevitable at the end of the harvest, a moment of celebration that marked the end of the days of hard work, leaving room for the pleasures of the table and good wine. Today, as then, from early autumn until late spring, the Piedmontese cheerfully celebrate this simple dish with friends and relatives.

On the Baldaiassa Shop you can buy the Bagna Cauda ready in a jar, prepared according to different recipes, all typical from Piedmont: Bagna Cauda classic recipe with olive oil for sale ready in a 200 g jar; Bagna Cauda prepared according to the ancient Piedmontese recipe with hazelnut oil for sale ready in a 200 g jar or Bagna Cauda prepared according to the ancient recipe from northern Piedmont with walnut oil, also for sale ready in a 200 g jar.

The jars of Bagna Cauda that can be purchased on Shop Baldaiassa are portioned in the 200 g format, as it is considered the ideal quantity for two diners and each jar is subjected to pasteurization treatment before being put on sale.</>

Its preparation is very simple! Since this is a ready to eat Bagna Cauda, it will be enough to unscrew the capsule from the jar and heat it in a bain-marie to avoid burning it. If you do not have the typical pan or for more convenience the Bagna Cauda can be served and consumed directly in the glass jar.

The vegetables to combine with Bagna Cauda are practically all those available in the autumn period: Savoy cabbage, thistle, fennel, fresh and "under marc" pepper, champignon mushrooms, spring onion, Jerusalem artichoke, beetroot and baked onion and more. It may be useful to know that in the period of Bagna Cauda, at least in Piedmont, you can find at the supermarket some trays of vegetable ready for the "rite".

Finally, not to forget, an egg to be split directly into the pan to complete the meal, some rustic bread cut into slices and a full-bodied red wine, better if Barbera as per tradition...

... and the Bagna Cauda is served!

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