100% pure vegetable oil from raw hazelnuts for sale on Shop Baldaiassa

100% pure Hazelnut Oil for food and cosmetic use, with a light straw-yellow colour and with the delicate taste of freshly picked hazelnut, the hazelnut oil - delicate aroma is mechanically cold-pressed from raw shelled hazelnuts variety Tonda Gentile Trilobata grown exclusively in Piedmont.

It is precisely cold-pressed, daily and on small batches of freshly shelled hazelnuts, to fully preserve its chemical/physical composition, in addition to the organoleptic properties, characteristic of this extraordinary fruit.

The raw shelled hazelnut is mechanically pressed without the aid of heat or solvents, so as to extract a 100% pure vegetable oil whose chemical structure does not undergo alterations, keeping its rich vitamin profile intact. The pure hazelnut oil Delicate aroma for sale on Shop Baldaiassa, after its cold pressing, rests briefly in stainless steel drums where it decants, then it is packaged and sold in dark bottles to protect it from light.

On Shop Baldaiassa you can buy hazelnut oil Delicate aroma in different sizes, in fact, bottles of 100 ml, 250 ml and 500 ml are for sale... the hazelnut oil is always the same with identical characteristics for all sizes, simply the price per litre changes, lower on the larger sizes thanks to a lower incidence of bottling costs.

Hazelnut oil from raw hazelnuts for sale on Shop Baldaiassa for a balanced diet

Hazelnut oil Delicate aroma, in food use, is ideal for a healthy and balanced diet thanks to its low intake of saturated fats to the advantage of monounsaturated ones known as "good fats" and to Omega 3 and Omega 6.

Naturally rich in vitamin E, K and group B, the hazelnut oil Delicate aroma for sale on Shop Baldaiassa is ideal as a condiment in everyday recipes, preferably used raw.

Its light and delicate flavour perfectly matches the recipes of raw and cooked vegetables, fresh cheeses, legume or cereal soups, raw meats, fish carpaccio, fruit and yogurt.

Pure vegetable oil for sale on Shop Baldaiassa pressed from raw hazelnuts for cosmetic use

The hazelnut oil Delicate aroma, result of a cold pressing of the raw fruit, thanks to its purity and the absence of chemical residues, is very appreciated also for cosmetic use, thanks to its easy absorption and to the richness of vitamins in addition to the pleasant and natural aroma of fresh hazelnut that leaves on the skin after its use.

It is in fact indicated for the treatment of dry skin of the hands and face, especially on oily skin of the face, it acts with purifying and rebalancing action on the pores. Its benefits are also found in hair care, especially in damaged or dyed ones that need special care.

Hazelnut oil where to buy?

Often having to buy hazelnut oil, because of its many uses, you find yourself in difficulty about where to buy it... pharmacy, herbalist, supermarket, specialty food store or cosmetics? The hazelnut oil delicate aroma for sale on Shop Baldaiassa, being suitable for cooking and cosmetic use, definitely solves doubts about where to buy it.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items