Loyalty Points

To reward loyal Customers, in our shop an automatic Loyalty Points credit program is adopted: for every purchase made, convertible into cash and usable for the next shopping.

The Program Conditions are detailed below:

  • A loyalty point is credited for every € 10,00 of spending;
  • Each loyalty point is worth € 0.10 and can be used as a discount for subsequent purchases starting from a minimum amount of € 10.00;
  • The period of validity of the loyalty point is set in 365 days from its crediting, after this period it can’t be used anymore;
  • The loyalty point is automatically assigned by the system when the purchase is Paid and Delivered. In case of cancellation of the purchase the loyalty point will be canceled;
  • Loyalty points can be used for the purchase of any product in the catalog, even for those where special discounts an/or offers are provided;
  • The loyalty points balance can be consulted by accessing your personal account.

For any doubts or clarifications on our "Loyalty points" program write to ordini@baldaiassa.it