The Gianduiotto is the traditional chocolate of the city of Turin, in the shape of an overturned boat usually wrapped in silver or gold paper.

Gianduiotti are obtained by mixing hazelnuts variety Tonda Gentile Trilobata grown exclusively in Piedmont with chocolate.

This chocolate from the age-old custom owes its name to the famous Gianduia mask from Turin, who distributed it for the first time on the occasion of the city carnival of 1865.

Gianduia or Gianduja is just a popular Turin mask, but of Asti origins, of the commedia dell'arte. Its name derives from Gioann dla doja i.e. John of the jug in Piedmontese dialect.

The use of hazelnut Paste to "cut" the chocolate, is due to the intuition of a master chocolatier from Piedmont, Michele Prochet, who due to the scarcity of chocolate in the subalpine city, decided to use the hazelnut, fruit of easy availability in the Piedmontese territory with a very aromatic taste, albeit delicate.

By now the chocolate Gianduiotto is entered to be part of the Piedmontese chocolate tradition. It is the inevitable gift of recurrences, among the most sought-after greedy souvenirs in Piedmont, appreciated by adults and children for its delicacy and creaminess.


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    The classic Gianduiotto is a Piedmontese chocolate, the result of the brilliant intuition of mixing chocolate with hazelnuts. Typical from Turin, gianduiotto has been packaged in silver or gilded paper since 1865, when it was distributed, for the first time, by the Turin popular mask "Gianduia", on the occasion of the city's carnival.

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