Hazelnut Paste

Pure Hazelnut Paste obtained exclusively from the fine grinding of toasted hazelnuts variety Tonda Gentile Trilobata cultivated in Piedmont.

The use of Hazelnut Paste by the master chocolatiers from Turin, dates back to the middle 800, a period in which chocolate was scarce in the subalpine city due to the commercial block imposed by Napoleon Bonaparte on English ships in all French territories.

The intuition seems to be attributable to the artisan Michele Prochet, who decided to "cut" the chocolate with a very fine paste obtained from toasted hazelnuts. Thus was born the dough Gianduia of the famous chocolates, which was followed by the famous Gianduia spreadable cream, by mixing the Hazelnut Paste and chocolate in different proportions, famous all over the world and pride of Piedmont.

The consumption of pure Hazelnut Paste is instead of these last years, thanks to a healthier diet and attentive to sugars and added fats.

The Hazelnut Paste is excellent consumed alone as a spreadable cream, or as an ingredient for cakes, puddings, pastry creams and desserts. Also recommended as a base for savory sauces and condiments for pasta et rice dishes.

Hazelnut Paste

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    100% pure Hazelnut Paste obtained exclusively by the fine grinding of toasted hazelnuts variety Tonda Gentile Trilobata (origin: ITALY - Piedmont), jar of 185 g/6,52 oz. Hazelnut paste without added sugars and fats, ideal for sweet and savory recipes.

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