HACCP Declaration - Shop Baldaiassa

We hereby declare that our company is in possession of a Manual of Self-control based on the principles established by the HACCP System and to operate in compliance with the same throughout all stages of the entire production cycle, as required from Reg CE 852-853 / 2004 and in particular :

  • We have performed the analysis of the hygienic risks inherent to the production cycles of our company and identified critical control points (HACCP);
  • Our premises, machinery and equipment comply with the current hygienic and security Regulations;
  • the materials, intermediate and finished products (where and when it is required) are subject to periodic control's analysis;
  • All our facilities and storage have been notified to the competent authority via DIA health care N. 3047/2010 and SCIA health care N. 276 / 2013 and N. 1237/2019;
  • All our products are packaged and labelled according to the current legislation;
  • Our staff is able to professionally perform their tasks and duties with professionalism and competence and they have been trained (and they are regularly updated) on the fundamental elements of hygiene;
  • that the self-control plans and related documentation are available, at our offices, at the complete disposal of the supervisory bodies.

Responsible for HACCP procedures

Massimiliano Baldizzone