Terms & Conditions of Sale

Dear Customer,

in order to conduct a transparent online sales activity and in line with current regulations and to ensure you a pleasant shopping experience in our shop, let's read below our:

Terms & Conditions of Sale for online purchases on the shop.baldaiassa site.

The Baldaiassa Farm of Massimiliano Baldizzone, with legal headquarters in Collina del Negro, 2 Cortazzone (AT) - Italy, Fiscal Code BLDMSM72E20L219T and VAT registration number 01467310056, registration to the ASTI Business Register, REA number: AT - 0117649 is the owner of the shop.baldaiassa.it website, hereinafter referred to as "site".

These general Terms and Conditions of sale are regulated by the Consumption Code (Legislative Decree No. 206/2005), Section II Long-distance Contracts (Articles 45 to 67) and Electronic Commerce Rules (Legislative Decree no. 21/2014).

1) General Conditions

Customer is invited to print or to preserve, according to the preferred method, the General Terms & Conditions of sale.

In case of changes and/or modifications to the General Terms & Conditions of Sale, to the order will be applied those published on the site when the Customer submits the order.

Purchases made through the site imply the acceptance of the General Terms & Conditions of Sale described herein. At the completion of the order, however, the acceptance of the same is always required by means of a check box.

2) Prices

All prices are inclusive of VAT. Packaging and delivery costs are evidenced at the time of confirmation of the order, depending on the mode chosen and the place of delivery.

To the purchased products will be charged the price shown on the site at the time of the completion of the order, without considering any changes that occurred later or earlier.

3) Order

The ordering process ends correctly if the site does not show any error message.

The contract is understood in any case concluded at the time of receiving the order by the Baldaiassa Farm, which will respond by sending a confirmation email to the e-mail address communicated by the Customer. This confirmation will be a summary of the articles chosen and their quantity; of the relative prices (including packing and delivery costs); of order number and personal data with address for delivery.

Customer undertakes to verify the correctness of the order data and immediately notify the Baldaiassa Farm of any errors. Expenses resulting from errors and omissions in the order not timely reported, will be charged to the Customer.

The Baldaiassa Farm undertakes to send the products within 5/6 working days following the order, also considering the quantities and periods of the year. Delays in delivery due to the impossibility of the carrier will not be attributable to the Baldaiassa Farm.

4) Payment methods

Payment is made in the mode chosen at the time of order completion.

At the same time as the order confirmation (or later if it’s provided), the amount corresponding to the purchased products plus the packing and delivery charges will be charged to the Customer.

5) Delivery methods

The delivery will take place without appointment and it is understood on the road. Customer care will provide suitable equipment for the discharge of heavy packages, unless otherwise agreed with the Baldaiassa Farm.

In the event of no pick up of the shipment, for absence, the carrier will leave a notice; then it is up to Customer to agree to a new delivery date.

At the delivery time, it is up to Customer to verify the integrity of the packages. In the event that they are damaged, the word "Subject to verification" must be affixed next to the signature.

Any problems, after the withdrawal of the physical integrity or of the completeness of the products received, must be promptly reported to the Baldaiassa Farm for the possible activation of the warranty conditions at the carrier.

6) Right of withdrawal

Although Legislative Decree 21/2014 excludes the possibility to exercise the right of withdrawal for contracts for the sale of foodstuffs and beverages (for reasons of deterioration and hygienic reasons), we feel, for seriousness and conscience, to extend this right, even if not foreseen, to our Customers.

Granted that who purchases a food product, he or she places great trust in those who produce it, but whoever buys it online puts it even more and since the purpose of the site is to satisfy completely the expectations of customers and not the opposite, we have decided to grant, however, the right of withdrawal in the following cases:

  1. the product undergoes mechanical damage during transportation;
  2. the product has undergone suffering during transport which precludes consumption and healthiness;
  3. Date of Minimum Durability less than 50% of initial DMD.

In order to avoid the unfortunate exercise of withdrawal by a customer, we undertake to pack the products in order to minimize the impact during transport. We have selected carriers with specific shipping services for food products, in order to ensure optimal transport conditions. We only send products whose Date of Minimum Durability is at least half of what is stated on the site: a product that has a maximum shelf life of 2 months, will be shipped with a minimum of 1.

On the site, for each product, there is the ingredient table, identical to the one on the packaging that will be sent; the allergens highlighted in bold, weight and storage conditions are also indicated.

The right of withdrawal is exercised by sending - within 3 (three) days from the date of receipt of the shipment - by means of a registered A/R. mail communication addressed to:

Azienda Agricola Baldaiassa

Collina del Negro, 2

14010 Cortazzone (AT) - Italia.

Communication can also be anticipated - within the same deadline - by telegram, e-mail (info@baldaiassa.it), provided that it is confirmed by registered A/R mail, within 48 hours later.

The notice of withdrawal must specify the intention to withdraw from the purchase with the list of products for which Customer wants to exercise that right with any reasons, including a copy of the relevant invoice/receipt.

Products must be returned as soon as possible, by sending to:

Azienda Agricola Baldaiassa

Collina del Negro, 2

14010 Cortazzone (AT) - Italia.

However, the right of withdrawal is subject to the following conditions:

  • order is made by a Final Customer (without VAT);
  • the right is applied to single products purchased in their entirety;
  • the purchased product must be intact, returned in its original packaging and complete in all its parts (including packing);
  • the shipping costs for the return of the product are to be paid by the Customer;
  • return is under the full responsibility of the Customer.

If the right of withdrawal has been properly exercised, Baldaiassa Farm will refund the full amount already paid to the Customer within 30 (thirty) days of receipt of the notice of withdrawal, net of delivery costs.

7) Processing of personal data

The data provided by the Customer will be processed in accordance with the Legislative Decree 196/03 (Privacy) and of the EU Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR).

8) Competent court

Any disputes will be resolved before the competent Judicial Authority under applicable law and in the territory where the Baldaiassa Farm is located.