The best Italian raw shelled hazelnuts for sale on Shop Baldaiassa

The raw shelled Hazelnuts for sale on Shop Baldaiassa are of the precious Tonda Gentile Trilobata variety (origin: ITALY - Piedmont), not roasted, calibrated and hand-selected.

These shelled hazelnuts for sale on Shop Baldaiassa, exclusively of Italian origin, are first choice raw hazelnuts, are shelled daily and shortly after vacuum-packed in different sizes, to preserve the freshness of the fruit and its delicate aroma as if they had just been harvested.

On Shop Baldaiassa it is possible to buy always fresh shelled hazelnuts, as the shelling, being done daily on small batches of fruit, allows them to be put on sale quickly without aging unnecessarily in the packages.

As for the toasted hazelnuts, the shelled hazelnuts for sale on Shop Baldaiassa are also available in vacuum sachets in two different sizes: the 1 kg bag and the 250 g bag, very practical for snacks a outside the home, as it has a freshness-saving zip closure. Also in this case the largest bag has a lower price per kg for the lower incidence of packaging costs.

Shelled hazelnuts always constant price on Shop Baldaiassa

As for any other sector, even the hazelnut sector is influenced by the market, bringing the price of shelled hazelnuts to variations, even daily. In addition to this, annual harvests are not always prosperous due to the environmental and climatic conditions which are becoming increasingly unfavourable over the years. From our point of view, these aspects, although true, should affect the only wholesale selling price of shelled hazelnuts and not fall on the final customer in retail. For this reason, on Shop Baldaiassa the price of shelled hazelnuts to the public has remained almost unchanged over the years, with the desire that it can continue to remain constant over time.

Shelled hazelnuts: properties and benefits of raw shelled hazelnuts

In recent years, hazelnuts have been reevaluated from the nutritional point of view, a bit as it happened for many other nuts, for their properties and benefits. In particular, great attention has been paid to the quality of the vegetable fats contained in them (Hazelnut Oil), for the benefits found in the control of "bad" cholesterol. Do not forget the properties of vitamins, present in abundance, minerals and dietary fibers of which the raw shelled hazelnuts are particularly rich.

Recent studies have shown that a daily consumption of shelled raw hazelnuts, about 30/40 grams per day, reduces the onset of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. This also seems to be due to the fact that in the raw hazelnut there is the external skin (perisperm) particularly rich in antioxidants which, on the other hand, is almost completely absent in roasted hazelnuts.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items